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Behind Flouwer Co. - Who We Are and What We Do!

What is Flouwer Co.? What’s the deal with Flouwer Co. Artisanal Crackers?

Let us fill you in on what we’ve been up to…

Flouwer Co. is based in Denver, Colorado and is all female owned. Those female owners are us - Kristen and Theresa. Right now, the two of us make up procurement and innovation, we are the bakers, the sales and marketing division, accounting and finance, the delivery drivers, expert coffee drinkers (unless it's afternoon when we become the expert wine drinkers) - you get the idea. We wear many, MANY hats!

We met because we are neighbors and have little ones that are around the same ages. We started by just having wine and trying to force our children to be friends so that we could have an excuse to hang out more. Once the little ones were settled, we would spend more and more time hosting each other on Friday afternoons - mostly at Theresa’s house because her backyard is AMAZING!

We realized we enjoyed much of the same food, drinks and we both enjoyed the challenge of entertaining. We started a small, niche catering company called The Gathering Board that was primarily focused on making cheese and charcuterie boards. To set ourselves apart from the thousands of other people that were doing the same thing, we would incorporate edible flowers in as many ways as possible.

Next, to make our boards even more elaborate, we decided to try our hands at homemade crackers with edible flowers and herbs. The first batch was decent enough to encourage us to try again. In the beginning, the crackers were very, very big. We made them using our Kitchenaid mixers and we used fresh cut flowers and herbs from our gardens. Making even just 20 of these crackers took us all afternoon. They definitely were not perfect, but they were special enough that we, and those around us, knew that we were on to something.

Over time, we invested in equipment that helped speed up the baking process and we worked on our basic cracker recipe. We even developed three flavor variations. Our first flavor we call No.1 because, well, it's our first and it's everything! This colorful cracker is full of edible flowers as well as fresh garden herbs like woody rosemary, fresh dill, bright basil, and a burst of chive. We can’t wait to roll out the other two flavors we have developed for you all - they are very different from each other and all have their own occasions in which we think they are best enjoyed.

We have big dreams for Flouwer Co. that goes well beyond crackers. We want to expand our food line as we dream up new nibbles and we want to inspire you all to try new things and methods for hosting and entertaining your friends and loved ones. Trust us, we are not classically trained in anything and we have each had our fair share of Pinterest Fails. We just want to share some simple tips and recipes that might help make your day a little more bright!


Kristen + Theresa

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