Common FAQ’s

What are edible flowers?

First, not all flowers are edible, and never consume any that have been dyed or treated with pesticides or any other nasty chemicals. Additionally, different flowers may have different edible parts, i.e., leaves of some varieties may only be edible while blossoms from others may be the edible part. It is important to consult an expert when foraging or picking from a garden when you’re unsure of the varieties planted. And always clean organically grown blossoms thoroughly before use. We select edible varieties and incorporate them into products that will allow their natural beauty and natural flavors shine.

Why edible flowers?

We love to incorporate edible flowers into our products because they are both beautiful and so good for the environment. Edible flowers remove pollutants from the air we breathe, are wonderful for the biodiversity of the soil, and all are pollinator friendly.

Where do your edible flowers come from?

We support local growers wherever possible. Growing edible flowers as a crop is a mission we want to spread to more and more local farmers. We started with farming partners in and around the state of Colorado, but we have also had to expand our sights to source some of the varieties we desire.

How do I use your products?

Drop, muddle, garnish, sprinkle, season, but most importantly – experiment! Get creative and have fun. Our products are designed to take the heavy lifting out of home dining and entertaining so that you can just sit back and shine. Inspiration for ideas can be found on product packages or check out our blog for more recipes!

Why can’t I just buy one item?

We take great care and pride in making our products. Everything is handmade in small batches, and they work best when paired together to create a truly unique experience. Given the rise in shipping and fulfillment costs, it is also not cost effective for us to ship out single items at this time. We’ve curated all our sets to provide you with the best experience possible and we have sets available in a range of price points. If you need more, or are not finding what you need already available, we can accept custom orders for orders at or above $200 per custom order. To place a request for a custom order, please email with your request. You will be invoiced separately for your order plus shipping and handling. Fulfillment of your order will take place after payment has been received in full.

How is Flouwer Co. incorporating steps towards sustainability?

Our packaging tubes are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable, a win-win for everyone. They are made from FSC-Certified 100% virgin pulp paper and printed with Soy ink. The inner cello bag is 100% curbside recyclable. Additionally, we have partnered with One Tree Planted as part of our commitment to sustainability. Proceeds from every tube sold goes towards global reforestation.

Who shouldn’t consume edible flowers?

First and foremost, we would not recommend consuming edible flowers if you are pregnant without first consulting with your doctor. Additionally, please do not consume our products if you are or feel like you may have an allergy to any of our ingredients, including edible flowers. Please consult with your doctor if you have any questions regarding your personal sensitivities or possible interactions with your health.

Do edible flowers have any health benefits?

Here is some food for thought. Although Flouwer Co. does not make any health claims associated with consuming our products, extensive research has illuminated numerous health advantages associated with consuming edible flowers. Edible flowers have remarkable concentrations of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory attributes, and a wealth of vitamins that contribute significantly to promoting overall health and well-being.

What certifications do Flouwer Co. products have?

We do not currently hold any certifications. As a company, we always adhere to using a clean, limited list of recognizable ingredients. Whenever possible, those ingredients will be plant-based. All of our edible flowers have been organically grown and we are always striving towards bettering our sustainability.

What should I do if I find that the color has faded some?

We’re glad you asked because this is so important! We never use any artificial colors or stabilizers, so while your item is still fine to consume and the flavor will last forever, some of the unique colors from the flowers used may fade over time. Fading is accelerated by exposure to sunlight, so we recommend that you store our products in a cool, dark place. Also, different plant and floral varieties produce different colors so colors will vary and that is natural.

What is floating in my drink?

Because we are using edible flowers and other ingredients from nature, you should expect to find edible flower petals in your drink or dish whenever you incorporate our products. Plant matter is most commonly found in the form of colorful petals, but plant matter can also be brown, green, gray, and black – this is natural. We cannot and wouldn’t overly process anything to strip it of its natural properties.

What is the shelf life of your products?

It varies depending on the product, but all our products have a very long shelf life because we only use a clean, limited-ingredient list of items that are not quick to spoil.

Can I find your products in a shop near me?

Although new retailers are popping up daily, visit here to see the latest update with our retail partners.

Where can I find all your recipes?

On our blog – Bloom Appétit

How do I make changes or cancel my subscription?

If you need to make any adjustments to your subscription please log in to your customer account.

How do I check the status of my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email notification from us which will include a tracking number. Because we handcraft everything in house, we appreciate your patience while we make and pack your order. If you haven’t received your order within 10 business days of receiving your shipping confirmation email, please contact us at with your name and order number, and we will investigate it for you.

How can I apply my discount code to my order?

Please enter your discount code upon checkout. Please note that discount codes may not apply to all sets or subscriptions. You’re welcome to hold onto any discount code and use it towards your next purchase with us.

How can I be notified when my favorite item is back in stock?

Please subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the webpage. This is how we send out announcements about new products or fresh inventory.

How will my order be shipped?

Your order will be shipped via domestic shipping. Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. Rates are based on package weight and shipping destination. Your selected shipping speed applies once the parcel has been packed and picked up by the carrier. Please allow for extra shipping days over holidays, as delays can be experienced.

How does International Shipping work?

International shipping will be sent via FedEx or DHS. Charges for your international order will be calculated and displayed at checkout. Rates are based on package weight and shipping destination. Your order may be subject to import duties and taxes (including VAT), which are incurred once a shipment reaches your destination country. Flouwer Co. is not responsible for these charges if they are applied.

What is your return policy?

In general, since most of our products are consumable, we are unable to accept returns or issue refunds. If your order arrives damaged in any way, please do not ship it back. Instead, email us as soon as possible at with your order number and a photo of the item’s condition. *We do not accept returns for items purchased through our retailers. Instead, please contact the retailer directly to inquire about their return policy.

What if my order contains a Pre-Order item?

If you pre-ordered an item, please allow approximately one week for processing after the stock date. All orders containing a pre-order item will ship once the pre-order item is in stock. We do not split-ship orders.

Do you offer wholesale?

Please find information about our wholesale here.