Wait, You're Saying
the flowers are edible?

Not Only Are They Edible, They’re Delicious!

Certainly not all flowers are edible, however we select certain edible varieties and incorporate them into products that will highlight their natural colors and flavors.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Whether you’re entertaining a happy-hour or just looking to perk up your snack, we’ve created beautifully delicious products to elevate your experience.

Locally Sourced & Crafted With Love

We take the quality of our ingredients very seriously. By keeping a clean and limited ingredient list we are able to produce simple, yet stunning, handcrafted products where natural flavors from the garden can shine without being propped up or masked by anything artificial or unnecessary.

We incorporate edible flowers into our products to give new life and beauty to everyday experiences

We have always loved to entertain family and friends and now we are sharing our passion with you!

A little About Us

Flouwer Co. sprouted from our shared passion for creating captivating spreads that invite people to come together. What truly distinguishes us is our unwavering love for infusing each creation with our garden-forward aesthetic, adorning every dish, product, and recipe with the natural beauty of edible flowers.

Our love for hosting and entertaining loved ones has blossomed through Flouwer Co. It allows us to share our passions with everyone who appreciates it. We take immense pride in our Colorado roots and the fact that Flouwer Co. is a woman-owned endeavor.

A little About Theresa

Gardening has been an intrinsic part of my life from the very beginning. My mother, a talented artist and passionate gardener, imparted a profound appreciation for nature's beauty. One of my most vivid childhood memories is inhaling the delicate fragrance of a dew-kissed peony blossom, all my senses ignited. My mom showed me how to gently pull the stamen out of the bottom of a honeysuckle plant and devour the flower’s sweet nectar—a moment of instant fascination. When my family moved to Indonesia later that year, I remember being captivated by an ice cream stand that used fresh, edible flowers to make their ice cream flavors. I still dream about that ice cream to this day. In hindsight, that experience planted the seed for what would later become my passion and eventually, my business.

My journey has led me to embrace the art of crafting natural tablescapes, infusing vibrant flavors, and incorporating edible flowers into my dishes. While I relish hosting any gathering that brings loved ones together for good food and laughter, there's an indelible place in my heart for garden parties. Flouwer Co. isn't just a creative outlet; it's a silent tribute to my mother's wisdom, teaching me about the beauty of nature and how to incorporate it into everyday life.

Favorite Flouwer Co. product:French Lavender Cocktail Cubes

A little About Kristen

Prior to Flouwer Co. I lived in Chicago and worked in the world of finance. Although I held very little interest in my day job, I usually found excitement in hosting get-togethers, attempting a new recipe, or planning for the holidays. Martha Stewart quite literally saved my soul with her printed periodical,Living(R.I.P.). However, life had other plans for me and I’ve found myself back in my hometown of Denver, co-founder of Flouwer Co. and juggling this demanding role with my most cherished one: mom to my two goofball kids. 

Though fine dining in the city has a special place in my heart, it's become a rare treat and admittedly, I may hold the unofficial title as the "Queen of Pinterest Fails," but my determination to create beautiful spaces, recipes and experiences remains unwavering. This unofficial, self-proclaimed title is the primary reason why we always ensure our products are easy to use and our recipes are simple to make! 

When I find that life has allowed a spot of free time you will find me seeking solace in the rhythm of a good run with my pup. Life is a delicate balance of roles and interests, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Favorite Flouwer Co. product:Classic Floral Garnishing Salt is omnipotent, but my favorite product of ours has not been publicly launched yet – stay tuned!

At Flouwer Co. we handcraft all natural, plant-based, floral infused foods. Balancing the perfect blend of flavors & flowers to give new life, flavor, and beauty to everyday grazing.