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Celebrate the Darker Skies With This Dramatic Cocktail

We're calling this lovely little libation "Howl At The Moon"

We're calling this lovely little libation "Howl At The Moon"

Let us begin by saying that we've been adding our Lavender Cocktail Cubes to our margaritas since the very beginning. We love the flavor and the hint of color that they lend. When we were kicking around ideas for autumn cocktails, we knew that we wanted to make a version of this but we wanted to make it an even darker purple to echo the dark autumn night sky. Enter Creme de Violette. Creme de Violette is a very dark purple with a floral flavor that is slightly earthy and gently sweet. This cocktail, it bridges the floral flavors from the cocktail cubes with the bite of the lime and tequila.

In addition to its vibrant color, garnishing this cocktail with a dried orange wheel will take it to the next level. We used blood oranges to garnish ours and it actually looks like a full moon in the cold night sky.

Howl At The Moon

Makes 2 Cocktails


  • 4oz Blanco Tequila

  • 2oz fresh lime juice

  • 1oz Creme de Violette

  • 8-10 Lavender Cocktail Cubes, muddled


Muddle cocktail cubes. Feel free to muddle them directly with the lime juice if you need to quickly soften them.

Shake all ingredients together with ice.

Pour over ice and garnish with a dried orange wheel for the full effect.

I like to serve these cocktails in a highball glass with larger ice cubes to maintain the vibrant electric purple color.

We truly hope that you love this cocktail as much as we do. We recommend enjoying it with a soft-ripened goat brie and sour jam. Serve this cocktail at Halloween or to welcome the arrival of the next full moon.


Kristen + Theresa

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