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Throw The Simplest Summer Garden Party

Tips To Ease The Hassle And Savor The Season

This isn't so much of a blog post as it is a reminder to slow down and enjoy summer before these endless warm days are replaced by those long chilly nights. Maybe it is because the kids are going back to school soon and every shop is filled to the brim with supplies. Or, maybe it is because we're always caught up in the cycle of trying to tackle that never ending to-do list. Whatever the reason, I am definitely feeling summer slipping through my fingers.

I don't have any recipes to offer up this time because a garden party really is meant to be more about enjoying good company in the sunshine than anything else. However, to eliminate any lingering excuses I do have a couple tips. And of course, we have loads of other posts for recipe and drink ideas.

Summer Garden Party Necessities:

  • Fresh seasonal fruit

  • Small selection of cheeses

  • Crackers, obviously

  • Honey or a fruity spread

  • Finger snacks like nuts or olives

  • Something to sip like lemonade or rosé

  • A large blanket or somewhere comfortable to sit outside

  • Tunes

I'd also award bonus points for garnishing your cheese plate with something to enhance the flavors like fresh garden herbs or edible flowers while they are still available. Also, if you've selected a soft-ripened cheese maybe try sprinkling French Lavender Finishing Sugar on top. Or, if you've selected something like burrata a sprinkling of our Classic Floral Garnishing Salt is the perfect accompaniment.

Again, this is supposed to be more about the company than the food so scrounge up the perfect playlist, toss a blanket over the grass, and call over all of your besties.



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